Butterfly Pea Flowers Are Not Just Pretty, They Have Pretty Amazing Benefits!

Butterfly Pea Flowers Are Not Just Pretty, They Have Pretty Amazing Benefits!

Butterfly pea flower is also known by its scientific name, Clitoria ternatea. It is a plant native to Asia. You may recognise it by its striking, vibrant blue flowers. Butterfly pea flowers are rich in anthocyanin compounds called ternatins, which give the plant its vibrant hue. 

You can add a dash of lemon juice, lime juice or honey to ramp up the flavor. The acidity of citrus fruits can also turn the drink a deep purple hue, thanks to the ternatins the plant naturally contains.

Some studies suggest that butterfly pea flower may help ensure skin and hair health, promote weight loss, and reduce blood sugar levels.


Facilitates Digestion

The tea is rich in antioxidants, which makes it a great beverage to include in your diet. Antioxidants protect the body against free radical action. Free radicals are harmful substances which can damage healthy cells in the body. Drinking a cup of blue tea once or twice a week on an empty stomach flushes out toxins accumulated in the system and improves digestive health.

Uplifts Mood
The earthy flavour of butterfly-pea flower tea is said to be a mood enhancer. The tea is said to have stress-busting effects that may also help reduce symptoms of anxiety. 

Accelerates Weight Loss
Blue tea is free from caffeine, as well as contains zero carbs, fats and cholesterol. It is hence an ideal drink for those on weight loss diet, as it purifies the gut of any food wastes and impurities, as well as regulates appetite. By curbing untimely cravings for junk food, blue tea is a remarkable herbal drink for maintaining optimal body weight.

Enhances Skin Health
The flavonoids present in blue tea help stimulate collagen production, helping develop and maintain skin elasticity. Drinking a cup of warm blue tea regularly eliminates undigested food particles from the system, clearing the stomach, liver and kidneys. This, in turn, cleanses the body internally and immensely brightens dull skin, removing dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Stimulates Hair Growth
Blue pea flower is excellent for the hair too, as it contains anthocyanin - a compound known to increase blood circulation in the head and therefore maintain a healthy scalp. It also helps in strengthening the hair follicles from within.

Aside from bequeathing a luminous complexion, accelerating weight loss, renewing skin tissues and ameliorating hair growth, a cup of piping hot caffeine-free blue tea holds high therapeutic values in rectifying the symptoms of myriad ailments like diabetes, atherosclerosis, glaucoma and is truly an energising and nourishing drink.


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