The RUCHA Story

RUCHA is the pinyin (pronunciation) of the Chinese characters 如茶, which means ‘like tea’. Inspired by quotes such as “Life is like a cup of tea, it’s all in how you make it” and  “人生如茶,静心以对“.

At RUCHA, we harness the healing powers of herbs and offer a selection of carefully crafted blends, packed in eco-friendly disposable “purses”, loaded with ingredients gifted by nature. They are fuss-free, easy to infuse and do not break your purse.

The Founder/Chief Tea Crafter of RUCHA is very passionate about herbs and constantly explores ways to incorporate them for culinary use. Her pastimes include processing and blending herbs to brew soup, concocting infusions with the aim to improve well-being and stay in the pink of health. 

Her interest started from childhood when she spent a lot of time with two Chinese Physicians in her family. She read up widely on herbs and took up a course to expand her knowledge and understanding of herbal use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

Sharing her creations with family and friends brings tremendous joy. She loves to spread awareness on self-care and readily shares her knowledge on herbal remedies. Social distancing measures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 halted gatherings and bonding over food. She started crafting tisanes and packing them in resealable pouches to be delivered as care packages. This was how the seed for RUCHA was planted.

RUCHA’s blends support the immune system, alleviate health concerns and symptoms brought about by changes in lifestyles as a result of working from home; spending longer time on electronic devices; reduced physical and social activities.

Every blend is crafted with the recipients' wellness concerns in mind. The [refine] blend came about for a recipient who was concerned with clogged up facial pores due to the wearing of masks. The [reset] blend was handcrafted from scratch for a friend experiencing nausea, bloating, weariness and cold symptoms.

The [renew] blend was created for a group of ladies and gentlemen concerned with various signs of aging. The [refocus] blend addressed the needs of professionals who wanted to reduce the feeling of food coma after meals and ease dryness of eyes from longer screen time or late nights. The [reminisce] cold brew was born after feedback from customers requesting a thirst quenching healthy beverage to beat the hot and humid weather. 

RUCHA tisanes met with overwhelming reception and support. They are purchased to improve personal well-being and as gifts or care packages for friends, families and colleagues. By word of mouth, we gained a steady stream of fans and the RUCHA community was formed.

We welcome feedback and are happy to help you find suitable blends. Custom blends are available for special occasions. Wholesale prices are available for bulk purchases. Feel free to connect with us to chat about your requirements. 

Thank you for trusting us. Enjoy your RUCHA!! 

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