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RUCHA Remedies

Black Mulberries, Black Goji Berries, Rose Buds and Red Dates

Black Mulberries, Black Goji Berries, Rose Buds and Red Dates

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RUCHA Remedies' [renew] blend contains Black Mulberries, Black Goji Berries, Rose Buds, and Red Dates. The tisane (flower tea) is an abundant source of anthocyanins. Specifically, anthocyanins are what give red, purple, and blue plants their vibrant pigmentation.

Incorporating purple foods into your diet can ensure you are consuming a powerful dose of anthocyanin antioxidants. To find out more, visit our blog in this website under 'What are Anthocyanins?'

Recommended as a hot infusion. Caffeine-free, Preservative Free and No Artificial Sweeteners.

10 tea bags in a resealable stand-up pouch.

Doing our Part for the Environment

Our tea bags are crafted from corn fibre without a staple, string, or paper tag, while the stand-up pouch is constructed from environment-conscious, oxo-degradable material. We prioritise sustainability in packaging.

Customer Reviews

This is nice but quite expensive for a few tea bags. The tea is nice still. March 2024, @egotd1920o

The renew blend is strong in the black mulberries and goji and has a slight red date taste. June 2023, Ying Xu

5 Stars! June 2023, Shashidhar Dayaneni

5 Stars! May 2023, Raihan Roslan

Looks good have not tried the tea though hope it’s nice. May 2023, Wen.

5 Stars! February 2023, Jue Wee 

Love the aroma of Rucha Teas, all of them smells and taste delicious! Will definitely be back for more. February 2023, M. Illic

Very fast delivery. Got delivered within 1 day. Got one free gift too. Nicely packed. January 2023, @sanavkumar 

5 Stars! November 2022, Cecilia Chua

Second purchase for this Black Mulberry tea. Very convenient and good quality tea bags. Thanks for the free gift. November 2022, @lingz38gan

5 Stars! Item is well received. October 2022, @ichan2

Quality: Great. Suitability: Great. Taste: Great. Items received in good condition. Fast delivery! Friendly and patient seller. This is my repeated order. Love their teas. It is individually packed for convenience and a good variety to choose! Looking forward to new concoction. September 2022, @angelaowl_20

5 Stars! July 2022, @angelaowl_20

Delivery is fast! Came the very next day. First time buying and have read good reviews about it. Thanks! June 2002, @nilamalec

Quality: Good. Suitability: Good. Taste: Good. Item well received. Nicely packed in box, quick delivery. June 2022, @lingz38gan

5 Stars! May 2022, @yingli29

Taste: Floral n fruity. Aroma: Fresh n nice. Delivery prompt. Received in good condition. Surprisingly the tea taste nice😊. April 2022, @m3lissa

Taste: Good. Ingredients: Good. Aroma: Fragrant. Items received in good condition. Fast delivery. Great tea! Caffeine free too! April 2022, @angelaowl_20

5 Stars! March 2022, @peacesoo

I slept quite well when I drank it. March 2022, @Sereneteo

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