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RUCHA Remedies

Kumquat, Osmanthus & Orange Peel

Kumquat, Osmanthus & Orange Peel

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RUCHA Remedies' [reunion] blend is crafted using Kumquat, Osmanthus and Orange Peel.

The combination of Osmanthus flowers, Kumquat, and Orange Peel produces a pleasant, apricot-like aroma and taste that is balanced by the citrus notes. This tisane is a delightful refreshment for any time of day.

Add honey or unrefined sugar if desired. 

Recommended as a hot infusion. Caffeine-free, Preservative Free and No Artificial Sweeteners.

10 tea bags in a resealable stand-up pouch.

Customer Reviews

5 Stars! January 2024, Ivani Widjojo

I was given two bags of Rucha from a friend, what a treat! Ginger and lemongrass (Reset) is my favorite as,I always love the spicy and warm taste of ginger, and the right balance of lemongrass for a satisfying taste. The ingredients are so rich and generous that I can refill my cup for 3 to 4 rounds! The Reunion blend is intricate yet with the right balance of citrus aroma. Both are highly recommended! January 2024, Iris Kwan

5 Stars! December 2023, @catteesoo

5 Stars! November 2023, @jesminew

Very fast delivery and came nicely packed. Thanks for the freebies! January 2023, @m0mopeach

5 Stars! January 2023, @watslova13

Doing our Part for the Environment

Our tea bags are crafted from corn fibre without a staple, string, or paper tag, while the stand-up pouch is constructed from environment-conscious, oxo-degradable material. We prioritise sustainability in packaging.

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