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RUCHA Remedies

Chocolate Mint Tea

Chocolate Mint Tea

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RUCHA Remedies' [rejoice] blend is crafted using roasted cacao nibs, peppermint and black tea. 

This chocolate mint tea offers a delicious and comforting flavour, perfect for morning or afternoon tea. Enjoy it solo or as a delightful accompaniment to desserts. Boost its flavour by adding milk, cream, honey or unrefined sugar if desired.

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It's time to turn on the kettle and enjoy a cup of Chocolate Mint Tea!

10 tea bags in a resealable stand up pouch. Preservative Free and No Artificial Sweeteners.

Doing our Part for the Environment

Our tea bags are crafted from corn fibre without a staple, string, or paper tag, while the stand-up pouch is constructed from environment-conscious, oxo-degradable material. We prioritise sustainability in packaging.

Customer Reviews

5 Stars! November 2023, @jesminew

5 Stars! October 2023, Cheffel Koh

5 Stars! February 2022, @gtpscm292

Enjoying a windy afternoon over a glass of rejoice from RUCHA Remedies. Nice fragrance from cacao bits, mint and black tea. Perfect combination for afternoon tea break recharge! December 2021, @summer9t

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